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LETTER FROM A READER OF SECOND CHILDHOOD – Author Manish Patel | Editor Cassandra Allen

Dear Mr. Patel,

It was a blessing to know your gentle self personally and through your writing, “Second Childhood.” Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your sacred space. I had a meeting with you for only an hour on Wednesday this week but I have been blessed by your gift to me of “Second Childhood” which I read from page to page slowly, relflectively and attentively, from the first to the end in two days unable to stop reading after I started. Your wealth of knowledge, experience, spirituality, kindness, gentle touch, charity,
generosity, parenting, etc. is enormous and a gift to the world.
“Second Childhood” is very original and has a lot of power to change lives. It is absolutely true that every parent deserves to be parented by their own sons and daughter who in turn parent their own children who need to parent them in order to complete the circles/cycle of life relationships/relation ships. One major thought that struck me in your book is that our presence to our parent is a present and is the greatest present that can be presented to our parents especially at the old ages. I believe this is the same for every relationship too.

I strongly recommend your book to everyone especially thousands of people out there whose relationships have been broken by divorce, separation from family, friends, loved ones, tough times, economic crises, bereavement, joblessness, stress, etc. The only one who matters in life is God whom we all need to connect to in order to be happy in life. Material things are perishable but relationship with God is imperishably eternal.

Finaly, I am sorry  that your friends Shreeraj and Marie Scherbak went to God soon. I have “great attitude” (gratitude) to God that you and your family survived the carbon monoxide poison.

I must let you know that your book is divinely inspired to be highly recommended for reading and actions by everyone. You gave me an awareness that I too have a “Second Childhood” and I need to be prepared for it as it will  come someday.

Thank you for not only for letting me share in the story of your life but also for offering me practical steps of being me to “Quest on,” “Pay Rent,” “See Near,” Circle,” “Into Me I See,” in ‘Relation Ships,” ” In Joy,” be in “Meditation,” be “Present,” with “Great Attitude,” “Pastime,” be aware that “SQ = IQ + EQ,” be a friend “Indeed” and be aware that dying “…Is Not The End. It Is The Beginning.”

May God bless you and your family for touching the world in a very special way.


Fatehr Phil
http://www.saintphilemonacademicss.webs.com, http://www.healingheartsoutreach.org,



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