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Women of Color, Power and Excellence – Meet Terry Birchwood


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Meet Terry Birchwood (New York, New York) 

Terry has been working in advertising, public relations, direct mail and marketing for over 20 years. A major focus within her work has been technical writing – publication articles, software manuals, instruction guides, and proposals. As she wrote within a corporate environment, she also wrote as a hobby to decompress after a crazy day at the office.

“There has always been a burning desire to write a novel. I have transitioned my dreams to reality. I have begun my journey with lesbian erotic novels” – Terry Birchwood

Ghostwriter is her first book and she is in the middle of writing her second one.

About “Ghostwriter”

Packed with erotica, Ghostwriter explores what people are willing to do for love and hate. There are secrets, lies, and dangerous plots that lead to a journey through unexpected twists and turns to unravel mysteries of the heart.

Tabby and Star, thought they would be together forever. Time told a different story. One has moved on and married; the other refuses to let another person spend the night in her bed even after fervent lovemaking. Even though apart for years, they cannot erase the memory tattoos of one another. Surrounded by friends, family and loved ones, each woman faces the consequences of the choices she has made. It is a story of real-life filled with hopes, dreams, disappointments, issues, desires, inhibitions, and the gamut of emotions that shape us as people.

UBAWA: When did you first decide you wanted to become an author?

Terry: I imagined becoming an author from an early age, but I never took it seriously until about two years ago.

UBAWA: How did you decide on the idea for your 1st book? 2nd book? 3rd book, etc?

Terry: I wrote my first book from the perspective of several characters who all shared their stories from 1st person vantage points. I decided on the idea because I wanted to explore what moves people to express love and hate. I also wanted to explore sexuality and how it frees and confines people.

UBAWA: How long did it take you to complete your first book? What was the process like?

Terry: I wrote for 30 days. The process was natural for me. First I defined a loose story. Next I defined the characters. Then, I began to write. The book begged to flow out of me, so I was comfortable and did not experience any writer’s block (this time).

UBAWA: What’s so rewarding about writing books and being an author?

Terry: Book writing is rewarding, for me, due to the creative expression. I have been fascinated with language from an early ago, so I enjoy using it to communicate with people. The fictitious stories that I choose to unfold challenge me to this outside of ordinary document life and that is fun for me. I am not sure I have caught on to feeling rewarded as an author. I just love to write – that is my joy in the process.

UBAWA: Was there ever a time you felt like giving up?

Terry: Nope. There was never a time where I felt like giving up. I saw nothing to give up. I love to write, so it never occurred to me to suddenly give up writing.

UBAWA: There’s more to being an author than writing a book. How do you manage to handle the business side of things?

Terry: As one who has a partnership in a book publishing company, I am blessed to been keen to the business side. It is second nature to me to manage the publishing affairs.

UBAWA: Do you have an editor or do you edit your own books?

Terry: I edited my first book, however, I now have a team of editors. I regret doing the solo work because another pair of eyes helps to uncover things that an author does not see.

UBAWA: Who does the cover art for your book(s)?

Terry: I did the cover art for my book. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Graphic Design so the illustration was second nature.

UBAWA: Do you ever encounter writer’s block? How do you get past it?

Terry: I have not yet encountered writer’s block. Perhaps, I will experience this as I tackle more projects.

UBAWA: How often do you write?

Terry: Right now, I write every day.

UBAWA: Tell us about your last book signing.

Terry: My first book signing is coming in February of this year. I am excited.

UBAWA: Beside social media, what other methods are you using to get the word out about your book(s)?

Terry: Websites, press releases, word of mouth, business cards, book marks, a play performance of the book, whatever methods get my message in front of my audience.

UBAWA: As a Woman of Color, what inspires you the most?

Terry: I do not think in terms of color when I write. There are no character descriptions in project, intently so that each reader can see who he/she wants to see. Only one person is described as being of Latino descent for reasons that are learned through reading the book.

UBAWA: Who is your biggest influence?

Terry: My biggest influence is me.

UBAWA: Have you ever done something in the past you regret? How did you get through it?

Terry: Of course. Regret is a part of being human, especially at a young age. I work to live a life without regret, but things happen. I get through it by analyzing the situation and learning from the areas that create disharmony in my heart. I forgive myself if I did wrong, I ask for forgiveness of the offended, and I move on to do better since I know better.

UBAWA: How do you get through the tough times in life when life throws what it throws at you?

Terry: I listen to the whispers from the positive spirits. I remind myself that I am a diamond being polished with tough times. I tell myself to shine.

UBAWA: What is one goal you want to accomplish for yourself in 2013?

Terry: Travel more.

UBAWA: What do you have planned next?

Terry: Relative to book projects, I am writing the sequel to Ghostwriter. The play performance of Ghostwriter is scheduled for this upcoming February so I am producing that.

UBAWA: How can readers and others in the literary community reach you?

Terry: I can be reached through my blog site at http://terrybirchwood.blogspot.com/



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