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A Lil’ Bit of Tori Lee – R&B/Neo Soul Vocalist

A Lil’ Bit of Tori Lee!

I’m from Chicago but spent most of my time in Grand Rapids, MI. Growing up, I was the funny girl but a tomboy. I was always into something that had to do with music and dancing. I’ve always had a personality that attracted people from all backgrounds, so you can say I’ve always been outgoing. Always wanting to be in the front, being a leader came natural to me.  Everyone knew that I would sing and crack jokes. I guess I always just wanted to be a star!

I’ve been singing since I was 7, discovered by a close friend, Jackie Mayweather, and pursuing my career since I was 14. The crazy thing is I never knew I could sing. It wasn’t until I met my neighbor (Jackie). The first song I ever sang was, I’m Going Down, the Mary J. version. It’s  also funny because  I met my Dad when I was 15 and I noticed that’s where I get my love for music. My mom played music growing up and we would dance and sing together.

It’s funny how Tori Lee actually became my name. My second manager and I were talking about great artists and how I want to stand out like them. We started talking about my name and how powerful it was; I thought it was too long. She started playing with my first and middle name to see what would catch everyone’s attention. She yelled out “Tori Lee” in the middle of a conversation. I called my mom and asked her what she thought and my mom said, “Who is that?”; and at that point, we knew it was final! I so love Tori Lee!

Some of my musical influences are Diana Ross, Anita Baker, Brandy, Mary J Blige, Beyonce, Jasmine Sullivan, 702, Gladys Knight, Teedra Moses, Yolanda Adams, Tamia, Whitney Houston, just to name a few because there are so many including male vocalist as well. I see myself on the Billboard’s Top 100 artists with my song in the Top 10. I will be an internationally known Artist with many nominations for awards, featured in numerous videos, shows and movies.  I will have endless opportunities for my career and I will love every minute of it as I continue to listen to what my fans want.

When people say Tori Lee, I want mouths to drop and tears to form in their eyes. I want them to say she is an awesome vocalist who isn’t scared of anything. She has conquered so many genres of music she should have her own. (LOL) I know that’s far fetched, but if you dream big and work hard you can do anything!

Even though I am just breaking out professionally, I have performed at several venues for the fun of it, including Days Inn Hotel – Mount Vernon, IL 2004, Horsemann Elementary School – Mount Vernon, IL 2005, Metro Plex – Rogers, AR 2005-2006, Club Deja vu’ – AR 2005-2006, Knockouts – Matteson, IL 2010, Victor Hotel 2011, Numerous appearances at Vaughn’s 2011, Ultra Image Lounge – Harvey, IL 2013.

I hired a new manager in 2013 who says she is going to get me a Grammy. I believe her. LoL



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