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It Is Not The End. It Is The Beginning.

Often, we sleep after reading a book, but I want my book, Second Childhood, to be a wake-up alarm. We may have tried to snooze relationships many times, but the only way we can turn this alarm off is by taking a step to improve relationships with loved ones. As I worked on this project, I saw a positive difference in my attitude to my parents, spouse, and kids.

I am confident that my readers can enjoy their life at any age. Second Childhood would never be complete if I had not received special blessings from God. Some of those blessings came in the form of “priceless hugs” like the one I received at Bishop Park of Detroit, Michigan.

After losing my best friend, Shreeraj, when I thought of this book, it did not seem possible to accomplish this task with my busy schedule as a therapist. But when I mentioned these thoughts to my patients, they encouraged me to write this book; and they provided moral support for me to complete it.

In one of my more recent radio interviews, the host, Floyd Potts, shared a powerful story, which I would like to share with you. Mr. Potts had a friend, who was living with his wife, mother, and young child. The child was close to his grandma, but the friend’s wife did not like the mother-in-law in the house. His wife wanted to put grandma in a home.

When the couple discussed nursing home options, the grandson opposed. But the decision was already made, and one day they dropped grandma off to a nursing home, against the tears of little grandson and grandma.

Driving home, the child started drawing a map. The mother asked what he was doing. Her son told her that he was drawing a map to make sure that he could remember the nursing home location to bring his mom and dad when they got old. This is a great example of how our children model our behavior.

We need to pause in life and re-evaluate our portfolio. We make financial investments by expecting 6 to 8 % return, but when we invest in relationships, there is a chance for infinite growth. Once you understand and appreciate the concept of second childhood, I want you to explain it to your parents and loved ones. Let them know dependency is not a curse, it is blessing because some people do not live up to a dependent age. Prepare to be a better parent to your parents. Teach your children to love and care for elders.

If you can make one person feel love, then you can make the whole world feel it. If you have not spoken to your parents for a long time, then please call them or walk into their home and heart to show your gratitude toward them. After you read Second Childhood, should you like to share your experience with me, visit http://www.thesecondchildhood.com and send me a note.

Manish Patel | Physical Therapist | Author of Second Childhood http://tinyurl.com/8lgrrxm



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