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Why You Should Read Second Childhood by Manish Patel

I would like to dedicate this book to my dear friend Shreeraj and my dear patient Loriene Marie Scherbak.  When I lost Shreeraj, I started thinking about the purpose of life. Thinking led to penning a book based on Shreeraj’s love for others. Shreeraj believed that we should treat each other as best friends. He understood that we are all connected and there is a reason for everything. I wondered, at times, if God sent him to me so that I would be propelled to take up the cause of writing this book.

It breaks my heart to write about Shreeraj because I miss Shreeraj greatly. Though his loss is devastating, he taught me to accept whatever life gives me, and to embrace it wholeheartedly. It is Shreeraj that I pour into Second Childhood, to inspire you to absorb his passion for life. His moral values guide us to show people love, care and affection, while protecting them from hazard, and providing them with a sense of security.

Shreeraj’s devotion to mental and spiritual insight drew many people to him. I had the honor of sharing 14 years of my life with Shreeraj. He taught me how to hold on to life and be optimistic through every situation, for better or for worse. It is his personality that comes through this book. His ideas and inspiration make it possible; his selfless gifts of love form the basis of these words.

One of my undertakings is to share the importance of spreading love to everyone in our lives, especially our parents. We may never be able to pay back our parents for all that they have given us, but our honest efforts and thoughts will always count for something good.

About a month before I published this book, I attended Marie’s funeral. Marie is one of the reasons for decoding the phrase “once a man and twice a child”.

It broke my heart since I could not see her when I visited her home just a month before she died. I learned from her daughter that she was in hospital, when I went to see her.

I was glad to be a part of her 100th birthday party, where she recognized me in front of her family, in spite of her memory loss. She even remembered my elder son’s name, at that time. A week after her funeral, her daughter, Pat, visited my office with two little cute pillows stating that her mom bought them for my kids. Her mom had wanted to deliver the pillows, but she passed before she could visit. I almost cried because of her love and affection for my family and me.

Marie lived 100 years in the world, but she will live forever in my heart. Marie became one of my patients when she had a left knee replacement at the age of 96. I will never forget the beautiful smile she gave me, though she had – pain and stiffness. About a year later, Marie had right knee surgery, and she requested me as her physical therapist. After that, I saw her a few times following hospitalizations.

Shreeraj and Marie taught me that all we put out always comes back to us; it is the law of the universe. Every action has an opposite and equal reaction. To God, actions count.



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