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Six Marketing Auto-Pilot TIPS

Six Marketing Auto-Pilot TIPS

Love and understand what you do, be confident, network, do good, and smile.

Encarta World English Dictionary defines marketing as “the business activity of presenting products or services to potential customers in such a way as to make them eager to buy.” I would add the word, ‘brand’ to the definition – “presenting products, services, or [brands] to potential customers in such a way…” When we market services and products, we also market an image – a brand, a tattoo – associated with the product, service or company. The brand is often connected to a philosophy, mission, identification mark, signature, color scheme, message, tagline, style, etc – distinct qualities that together form the brand.

When one’s brand (encompassing products and services) is authentic, there are no smoke, mirrors, and tricks to remember to market. Marketing is not a strained effort, but instead an effortless act – such as auto-piloting. People can feel when you love and understand what you do, are confident, have good intentions, and a warming personality. When your intent is good and your knowledge is solid, you will find yourself marketing in autopilot mode. Being true to your mission, you will find yourself on a steady natural course, unthinkingly spreading the word about your cause. You attract like-minded positive people, passionate about their missions, intentions, and goals. Often, collaborations foster and dreams come true for the better of all involved parties.

Love What you Do – One can produce high quality work without loving one’s job; but imagine the extra care and passion one puts into a job when he or she loves the job. Better yet, imagine performing at a high level and detesting what you do. How does that sit well with your mind and spirit? Not so much, right? People can feel when you love what you do; and they are more apt to trust you to perform at high capacity than someone who is less eager and mentally removed from the work.

Understand What You Do – Okay, you love what you do. But, do you know what you are doing? Can you explain your product, service and/or brand to someone without reaching in your mind for a script? Are you able to address most of the questions addressed to you regarding your specialty? I love to play piano; but I will quietly melt to the back of the crowd if you ask me to read music because I don’t fully understand music theory. If you don’t understand what you do and have no intent of learning your game – at some point, your confidence, if you have any, will be broken when you cannot explain yourself in a setting where your response makes or breaks a major event (i.e. a raise, deal closing, contract acceptance, assignment acquisition, etc). Now what do we do? Grope around in the dark and see small hints of light as we bump into things to get to our destination (TRYING to seal deals). Or do we shine light in dark areas and read the fine print as it relates to our crafts, dreams, missions, etc (SEAL deals)? Easy pickings.

Be Confident – Would you buy a television from a person who is telling you how great the set is as he or she looks at the floor with a sad face? More than likely, you would not make the purchase. We cannot expect people to believe that which we do not appear to believe. We may believe in the product or services that we sell, but we don’t believe in our ability to communicate the product or service benefits. Confidence transfers to others; when you are confident about your service, brand, and or product; people feel the confidence and are more likely to trust that you can meet objectives.

Network –If we were meant to be alone, only one of us would be required on the planet. I was an introvert at one point in time, and I missed a lot of opportunities to exchange positive thought with people. Once I broke out of the shy state, I met thousands of people. Whether in passing, through collaborations, or a number of other ways, I put myself out there and began to speak of my intent. As a result, I have an army of good people in my life – and I truly mean army. We help each other ‘cook the pie’ and ‘we eat it together’ – everyone gets fed. In other words, don’t network for simply selfish motives – network to share, learn, help, and get help. Just be a kind human and networking becomes a part of your life as you reach out to people to share the story of your good intent. Some people will shun you; but there is no loss, as many of them will embrace you

Do Good – When your intentions are genuinely based on doing good, people will receive that energy. People want to know that you have good intentions and mean them no harm. People don’t want to feel like you are in their company just to gain something from them. Look at all of the charities across the globe and how people support them, many times with nothing wanted in return. We get excited about the good deeds, we often feel connected, and we help to good-doers. You will be surprised at how many people will help you to reach your goals, if they know the good of your intent.

Smile – a smile can break ice, turn tension to relaxation, add a human element to an android-like setting, and obviously warm a heart. This is not to state you should put on a big ole’ fake smile and have thoughts that clash with your expression. Remember, people can pick up on vibes and sense insincerity. Smile with authenticity – smile because you are alive and have an opportunity to do something good on this day.

Now, go in autopilot, get out in the universe, and meet those goals. Follow those roadmaps, also known as dreams.

Cassandra Allen, Bullhorn Gypsy, President and CEO



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