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5 Dynamic Moves to Wonderful Wealth

5 Dynamic Moves to Wonderful Wealth Book Cover

“5 Dynamic Moves to Wonderful Wealth: Lessons Learned from Poor Millionaires, Ordinary People, Wealthy People and Wealth” by  Herat V. Desai

Have you ever wondered why some highly intelligent and extremely hard working people live unappreciated, miserable, stressful and disappointed lives? On other hand, some below average people can automatically experience gratitude, happiness, peace and satisfaction through wealthy life! Why is Wealth Building automatic for some people, and almost impossible for others? What is the secret? These questions, and many others, used to stump me, particularly being a below average student in my early school days. I could not understand why everyone was not wealthy. After years of research, analysis, interviews, experience, and education, FINALLY SECRET IS REVEALED from a neuro-science perspective. Do you think I am too smart to preach to you on ‘Wealth’? Do you think I believe that I am smarter than you? Of course not.

In ‘5 Dynamic Moves to Wonderful Wealth’, Herat V. Desai demonstrates fascinating secrets of ‘Wealth-building’ by utilizing understanding of neuro-science. Discover How to:

Advance from wealthy ideas, beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and skills.
Master ’9 R Based Fun & Faith Wealth-workout (Wealth -Meditation)’ for effortless cultivation of wealth.

Recondition your subconscious brain to work in your favor.
Cultivate ‘Automatic wealthy reflex’, which automatically attracts ‘Wonderful Wealth’.

‘78 Hour Program’ that will change Your Life. Put your 100% faith, heart and brain into it. Let’s train your subconscious brain to cultivate ‘Automatic Wealthy Reflex’. Then just …sit back, relax & watch. ‘Automatic Wealthy Reflex’ will automatically attract all “Wonderful Wealth” to your life by pure and effortless Gratitude, Happiness, Peace and Satisfaction from:

  • Noble cultivation of loving relations with Self, God and family
  • Loyal and trustworthy relationships
  • Passionate work and successful business that serves humanity
  • Lots and lots of good quality money, financial wisdom and financial independence
  • And Much More….!

In Move 1 : We’ll learn clear differences between the ways ordinary and wealthy people believe, think, feel and act.
In Move 2 : We’ll identify highly rewarding wealthy skills.
In Move 3 : You’ll take excellent care of yourself.
In Move 4 : We’ll utilize ‘Medicine of Wealth building’ to transform your subconscious brain into a wealth magnet. (This is the heart of the book)
By Move 5 : You’ll be truly wealthy. Congratulations. You’ll celebrate your wealth in a unique way
visit http://www.wonderful-wealth.com/ for more information about the project. You will also be able to download the free book introduction.

Author Name:: Herat V. Desai
Author Website:http://www.wonderful-wealth.com
Book Title:: 5 Dynamic Moves to Wonderful Wealth
ISBN:: 978-0981604787
Publisher:: Sadie Books
Release Date:: May 4, 2012



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